Our winery’s highest priority is preserving our tradition and our great quality. We are one of the oldest, most distinctive wineries in the Palatinate region. Our wines are pressed using only the finest hand-selected grapes, which undergo spontaneous fermentation in wooden barrels.

Our motto, “Wine is the poetry of the earth,” (Mario Soldati, 1907-1999) sums up our philosophy. When it comes to wine production, the most important thing for us is the quality that ends up in the glass! This standard creates wines with a perfect balance of strength, elegance and longevity, and many of our wines have garnered attention throughout the world. Our successful development was initiated by Bernd Philippi. He is often able to create wines with amazingly long shelf lives, especially Rieslings, which can sometimes come across as a bit headstrong in their younger days. But over time they undergo an interesting development that is valued by many experts.